Oaxaca Tours

Oaxaca Tours

Breathtaking landscapes, unique amalgam of cultures, music/dance and food/wine, Mexico offers something particular to every visitor. The Oaxaca Tour epitomizes the cultural heritage of Mexico with its vast array of cultural traditions such as art, handcraft, music, culinary experiences, all with a blend of Spanish, indigenous and Afro-American traditions. Furthermore, the Oaxaca Tour offers the visitor with unprecedented sceneries at the Pacific Ocean. Here you can relax on quiet, endless beaches, nude bathing, with an inner feeling of complete freedom. Sea tours to meet with animals of different species, contrasted by exciting inland journeys through the jungle with its diversity of vegetation and animals.

The photogenic relic of Mexico’s colonial past with its history, gastronomy and manifestations of indigenous culture could be all found in Oaxaca City. Here, the ancient Zapotec culture meet Spanish colonial traditions making Oaxaca city an architectural gem with fantastic museums, endless festivals, colorful handicrafts, pre- Columbian ruins and gold encrusted baroque churches. The UNESCO World Heritage City and culinary capital of Mexico is one of the safest cities in Mexico.

Oaxaca State has 16 different ethno- linguistic groups all with diverse traditions and cultures.  The traditional festivals bring all these groups together sharing Pre-Hispanic and Catholic celebrations.  These celebrations always include flowers, folklore music and dance, and Mezcal- The Day of the Dead, Guelaguetza, Good Samaritan Day to name a few.

Exploring Oaxaca is an adventure. Surrounded by mountains, valleys and ocean Oaxaca’s flora and fauna is diverse and breathtaking. Located South of Oaxaca city on the shores of the Pacific Ocean lays a town called Zipolite. Its marvelous nature, landscapes, sea life, golden and black sands, nude beaches, beautiful women, friendly people, delicious food and tranquillo culture make Zipolite a one of a kind paradise. The fascinating ecosystems along its beaches offer scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, surfing, and whale- watching activities.


💖 14 days in Oaxaca, Mexico

📷 Photography and Art Workshops with Local Famous Artists

🌲  Accommodation in “El Diablo y la Sandía” or similar 3* hotels / haciendas, in double room with bath or shower / WC, WiFi LINK

🤠Qualified English & German- speaking local Oaxaca Tour Guide

🚐 Travel in air-conditioned bus

🌊Admission to all attractions in the program

🌮 Breakfast & 5 traditional dinners included

☀️ Experience diverse Culture, Painting, Photography workshops and sport activities

💎 Travel Price from € 1090

Travel Journey


Day 0

Afternoon arrival in Oaxaca


After settling in a cozy and spacious villa in the city center we will get to know each other.



Day 1

Exploring the spirit of Oaxaca


Every morning you will be served a traditional, healthy and powerful breakfast.

We will start our adventure by taking a walk to the historical town where the ancient Zapotec and Mixtecs culture meet Spanish colonial traditions. The Monastery of Santo Domingo preserves unique treasures of pre-Columbian indigent cultures. The gold encrusted baroque church next to the Monastery is a symbol of wealth and dominance of Spanish conquistadores. The UNESCO World Heritage City and culinary capital of Mexico is one of the safest cities in Mexico. We will get a tasted of the Oaxaca cuisine in the ‘Market de Comida’. After lunch we will visit famous galleries introducing the Oaxaca’s unique Art style and culture.

Dinner- Traditional Cuisine & Mezcal testing


Day 2

Exploring the Zapotec, Olmecs and Mixtec Culture


Monte Alban was inhabited by the Olmecs, Zapotecs and Mixtecs over a period of 1500 years. The ancient capital’s terraces, dams, pyramids and artificial mounds were carved out on top of the mountain and are the symbol of a sacred topography. In San Antonio Arrazola we will learn the art and symbols of the ancient wood crafting culture and tradition. The centuries old monasteries of Cuilapan de Guerrero are a relic of the Christianisation of the new world. Our last destination for the day would be San Bartolo Coyotepec best known for its one of a kind black clay pottery.

Dinner- Traditional Cuisine with a mesmerising panorama view

Day 3

Exploring the Unknown


You will be fascinated to see Arbol de Tule, which is one of the oldest and largest trees in the world. In Mitla we will observe another example of the great Zapotec civilization. Teotitlan del Valle is the home the centuries old traditional carpeting techniques, materials and machines. The secrets and extraction processes of Mezcal will be discover at the agave distillery. Our last destination with a breathtaking view isthe cascade of Hierve el Agua.

Day 4

Experience the Oaxaca Art & Cuisine


The marvelous landscape of Presas del Estudiante will enhance our inspiration for an art workshop led by an Oaxacan artist. Later in the day a top Oaxacan chef will teaching us about the history, culture and making of traditional cuisine while cooking together.

Day 5

Take a break


After the breakfast, you will have free time to explore Oaxaca. We will give you recommendations according to your preferences. Before we go to dinner, we will have Cumbia dance classes complimented by another mescal testing

Dinner-  multicultural restaurant



Day 7

Welcome to the Zipolite paradise


We will fly to Zipolite where we will settle in traditional spacious and cozy huts at the ocean. We will welcome you with a drink & snacks at the beach bar and let you explore the Zipolite paradise.

According to your preferences you may choose between our activities:

Daily Activities

Morning: Every day we will start the day with a yoga class, followed by a delicious breakfast at the beach bar.


Optional Games- freebie, beach volleyball or football

Optional Massage

Optional Surfing lessons

Optional Painting Workshop

Dinner-  sea food dinner at the beach bar

Day 8

Exploring the Ocean


We will go on a boat trip into the ocean where you will see whales, turtles and dolphins. Passing Laguna after Laguna we will stop at a coral reef where we will go snorkeling.


Day 9

Exploring the Reptiles


We will visit a Mangrove Laguna where you will see crocodiles, caymans, iguanas, monkeys, birds and deer’s in the wild life. After this adventure we will head one of Mexico’s largest turtle reserves. The last stop will be at the surfing village of San Antonio beach.


Day 10

Exploring Coyula beach


We will visit Coyula beach where we will have activities and workshops. The sea food there is extraordinary.


Day 11

Meeting the Afro- Mexican community


We will visit the Afro-Mexican community in Chacagua, where we will learn about their culture, history, traditions and cuisine. After lunch we will explore parts of the jungle around Chacagua.


Day 12



Relaxing 45 minute morning massage. Temazcal is an Aztec ritual steam bath for the body and spirit which we will go to.


Day 13

Our last journey


We will visit Mermejita beach where we will have workshops and activities. After lunch we will visit Punta Cometa beach where we will embrace the magnificent sunset.

Dinner in Mazunte

Day 14

The last day


Free time.

Dinner- Beach bbq with recap & activities

Day 15

Fly Back

After traditional rich, healthy and powerful breakfast it’s time to say…goodbye

The price quoted is based upon a minimum number of eight travelers. If the minimum number of travelers is not met, the initial deposit will be returned to the traveler within 30 days before the start of the tour. The general terms and conditions of the tour organizer “Grosev-Culturetours” apply