Experience adventure, history and culture on a round trip in Mexico

On a round trip vacation in Mexico, you will experience a thousand year history, breathtaking landscapes; a Central American culture will open up in front of your eyes. With us you will find low cost travel deals for Mexico where you will be able to discover Mexico in its many faces.

Discover the culture of Mexico on this vacation, relax on beautiful beaches and enjoy the diverse Mexican cuisine on a round trip!

A roundtrip in Mexico – history and adventure

To most people History and Adventure in Mexico means the Aztecs. However, the Zapotec civilization plays a key role as well. The Zapotecs were opposed to the Mixtecs for several centuries. The city of Oaxaca is the stronghold of the Zapotecs and Mixtecs.  Oaxaca is a UNESCO world heritage site. The Mixtecs are known for their goldsmithing which is displayed in various museums in Oaxaca. During a round trip vacation you will discover the culture of Mexico and gain insights into the indigenous culture, pre-Columbian monuments as well as the Spanish colonial traditions. The round trips at low cost, provide you with a cultural adventure during the time of the different festivals in the region.

History adventure in Mexico – Art with a long tradition

The history adventure in Mexico includes the traditional art of the country. On a round trip in Mexico, you will experience art from different epochs. In Oaxaca City you will encounter a significant collection of archeological artifacts. In the local markets you will meet craftsmen who are inspired both by indigenous traditions and modern styles. The art of the country and Oaxaca – whether street art or galleries – provide insights into the traditions and life of Mexico. These low cost travel deals allow you to discover the culture and indigenous traditions of Mexico.

Culinary specialties – part of the culture of Mexico

The diverse Mexican cuisine will be part of your round trip. The Mexican cuisine has a long tradition, is a history adventure, is influenced by indigenous traditions and the Spanish colonial era. Low cost travel deals offer the opportunity to visit typical Mexican restaurants and taste its culinary masterpieces. Vegetarians will particularly enjoy the dishes since fruits and vegetables are used in great variety. Many dishes like the Mole, require patience in preparation and constitute small works of art. Do not forget the typical Mexican drinks: not only Tequila, but also Mescal, Tejate and hot chocolate. Juices and exotic fruits ‘balance’ the food and hot climate. A history adventure trip to Mexico allows you to experience the culture, food and drinks of Mexico.

Mexico – breathtaking nature

History, Art, Culture and a unique Cuisine are all part of Oaxaca. In addition, Oaxaca is surrounded by mountains and valleys which you are invited to explore. All nature lovers will enjoy the fauna and flora. The village of Zipolite on the shore of the Pacific Ocean is another adventurous place: black and golden sand, wonderful beaches, a diverse cuisine, friendly people, breathtaking nature and culture. Discover our low cost travel deals for Mexico and invite yourself to this multi-faceted country.