Bulgaria round trip – different options and experiences

A round trip vacation across Bulgaria offers a variety of experiences covering a tiny territory. The Bulgarian Black Sea Cost has beautiful beaches with idyllic villages in old Bulgarian traditional style. The round trip operator offers you a range of interesting bus tours in Bulgaria. You will be able to experience Bulgaria and make your own discoveries. Low cost round trips provide you with an insight into the country. Different peoples have left their marks in Bulgaria which contributes to the world’s cultural heritage. The tour operator offers low cost round trips to the Rila Mountains, the Valley of Roses and the vineyards across the country.

Bulgaria round trip – experience the beauty of the Black Sea

On our bus tours across Bulgaria you will experience beautiful landscapes. The Balkan Mountains stretches from the West to the East of the country covering a distance of 600km. A round trip vacation will take you to the Danube in the North, to the golden beaches at the Black Sea coast, the Valley of the Roses and numerous thermal springs. If you choose bus tours to experience Bulgaria you can find low cost round trips with various themes in different parts of the country. The tour operator of round trips will offer you a variety of activities – horse riding on the mountain plateaus, rafting in wild rivers, hiking, skiing on snow-covered mountain slopes or water-skiing, surfing or swimming. The beaches on the Black Sea coast invite you to relaxation and sunbathing. On bus tours you will experience idyllic villages with their special character and ancient pagan traditions like Nestinari (Fire dancers) and Kukeri and Martenizi.

Low cost round trips with focus on art and culture

Bulgaria has a plethora of historical monuments and treasures. The tour operator will recommend you bus tours to obtain the maximal experience of Bulgaria. The oldest gold treasure in the world was found in Varna, at the Black Sea coast. The ornate items originate from an unknown civilization dating back to the 6th Century BC. On a round trip vacation through Bulgaria you can discover many more cultural treasures and obtain further insights into the history of the country. The frescoes of the Boyana church constitute a UNESCO world heritage. A round trip ‘must’ is the Rila monastery with its unique architecture, frescoes and altars. Bulgaria is world famous for its icons and altars with magnificent wood carvings. Over the centuries many peoples have left their marks in Bulgaria including the heritage of the Thracians, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs and the Bulgarians.

Food and Wine – indispensable on a round trip vacation to Bulgaria

Whether you opt for a wine tour or whether you want to explore the country and its people, food and wine constitute an essential part of the low cost round trips. The round trip tour operator will recommend to you the best restaurants in traditional style. A Bulgarian specialty is Shopska salad, sprinkled with parsley and topped with a white sheep’s cheese bonnet, known as ‘sirene’  in Bulgaria. The ‘sirene’ is also an important ingredient of banitza, a puff pastry filled with white cheese and spinach. Sarmi is another traditional dish of the Bulgarians. Wine or sauerkraut leaves are filled with minced meat and herbs. The dishes are accompanied by Bulgarian wines which include Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Gamza, Melnik or Mavrud. The low cost round trips of the tour operator  offer you many opportunities to experience the traditional cuisine and fine wines of the country.